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Harmony-Air.com  is YOUR aircraft broker for YOU, the airplane BUYER.  We are not a typical seller's aircraft broker, we have nothing to do with demonstration flights, buyer qualification and such seller broker tasks.    We offer you a selection of used aircraft in all price ranges.   Harmony-Air.com has about 2500 airplanes online, we get our lists from normal public airplane sales sites such as trade-a-plane, barnstormers.  We never show ask for price items, all items must have a specific selling price.

If you choose to be interested in buying an airplane, you pay us our buyer's broker fee of THREE PER CENT, maximum $2,500.00, payable directly and up front via the checkout cart, you then pay or make an arrangement with the airplane seller by going to the trade-a-plane or barnstormers site URL on the product page.  If our broker fee exceeds $1,200 we will then ship you an Apple iPad, Foreflight software and subscription, which includes all charts, and the Stratux aviation ADS-B-IN receiver which mounts on your airplane side window, which will include weather, METARS and WAAS GPS as well as AHRS backup attitude display, an appropriate mount for the iPad (your choice of kneeboard, yoke mount or suction mount, yoke or kneeboard mount is usually preferred as it is usually necessary to keep the certified "six pack" of older style instruments in the airplane and visible, although with the AHRS many of the attitude instruments might be covered by the iPad which will take the place of them.  All of our usual broker services will then be taken care of, which include:

     - Any contacts with seller or seller's broker that you do not wish to make yourself.

     - arrangement for pre-purchase and/or annual inspections if necessary, stc (modifcations) compliance if necessary, and all paperwork complete.

     - arrangement for delivery of the airplane to you if you do not want to fly it yourself.

     - arrangement of any training that you might need to enjoy and fly your new airplane.

These will be taken care of by us for you by us, Harmony-Air.   You will still be responsible for making a payment arrangement with the aircraft seller or seller's broker, but this can take the form of a down payment, or any other arrangement to be negotiated with the aircraft seller.  Please go to the trade-a-plane or barnstormers website to do the actual purchase and make these arrangements.

The site also offers drones and various airplane models (flying, display, kits) for sale to you from other affiliate advertisers.

You will best use this site by typing in your SPECIFIC search item, such as "Piper Cherokee" in the search box at the top of the screen, you will then see all matching airplanes.   Once you see an airplane you are interested in, click on its description or its picture, this will take you to the Product page.   

From the Product page, you are able to navigate directly to the actual Trade-a-Plane or Barnstormers site where you can probably see other airplane pictures, and get the full details of the airplane.   Then when ready to buy and use the Harmony Air service, click "Broker Fee Cart", the Shopping Cart will then show you the Harmony Air Buyers Broker fee total and nothing more.

Payment may be made by either Paypal or credit card.

Happy airplane hunting!    


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